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About Us

About US

Consumer Rights Protection Council(CRPC)
The consumer is said to be the King! but in reality, he is no more than a slave. With more and more goods and services being dumped into the market the sellers many times takes buyer for granted. In a bid to promote their products a seller uses all sorts of advertisements and promotional tactics. Though there was a consumer protection Act framed in 1986 by the British Government, it was not much effective. Manufactures, suppliers and service providers misled consumers about the quality of their goods or services on unreasonable terms and conditions, leaving the consumer with no remedy on an event of a problem occurring with their goods.

Now the Government of India has introduced the Consumer Protection Act 2019. It repeals and replaces the Consumer Protection Act 1986. The Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on 8 July 2019 by the Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan. The Bill was published on 8 July 2019. This bill has many features which will protect consumers on the frauds caused by E-Commerce companies or through misleading advertisements.

The Consumer Rights Protection Council (CRPC) is a Non-Governmental Organization having experts from various fields of Law and Technology. To meet with the challenges of the latest types of frauds being caused through electronic medium and E-Commerce companies, we have a team of cyber law experts.

Founded by an eminent journalist and a lawyer, Sangeeta Sharma, CRPC has taken up various issues relating to Consumer Rights. We have successfully helped consumers to solve issues with builders, Paint manufacturing companies, Phone companies, and even government bodies like DDA, Electricity department, MTNL, Delhi Jal Nigam for not providing proper services to the consumers.

We help consumers identify their problems, advise them and guide them to approach the right forum to redress their grievances. We conduct camps and seminars to educate consumers on Know your Rights.

We believe that companies, corporates should be responsible to provide right quality products, with the right quantity at the right price to the consumers. The companies should not float false advertisements to sell their products. The market should have a fair and even distribution system.