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Jago Grahak Jago should spread awareness about the side effects of medicine hydroxychloroquine being used during COVID-19 outbreak -Bejon Mishra

Bejon Misra Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra, Founder, Patient Safety and Access Initiative of Indi Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra, Founder, Patient Safety and Access Initiative of India Foundation, Delhi, has said that the government needs to spread awareness about use and misuse of hydroxychloroquine medicine during treatment of Covid-19 (coronavirus) infected patients. hydroxychloroquine

Prof. Misra has suggested to the government that a robust tracking and tracing system should be put in place to eliminate the possibility of accessing hydroxychloroquine medicine without a proper well documented prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

He said that the government should launch a multi-media campaign through Jago Grahak Jago managed by Department of Consumer Affairs about the side effects of the medicine and the consequences of self-medication or purchasing the medicine without a doctor’s prescription and without demanding a proper bill and receipt from the sellers.

Prof Misra said that all state governments should be alerted on the issue in order to sensitize all the helpline numbers and facilitating centres working round the clock to facilitate the COVID-19 patients to access the medicine only from authorized retail outlets who practice good pharmacy.

Prof Bejon Misra further added that persons found hoarding the medicine to enrich themselves at the cost of the consumer should be booked under serious criminal charges.

“We should consider allowing as the first step, to dispense Hydroxychloroquine medicine through NPPA to the government managed pharmacies like Jan Aushadhi and similar credible not for profit institutions to ensure pan India availability and accessibility of the medicine to the patients at the least cost and take extra precaution against any kind of diversion and misuse,” suggested Prof. Misra.

“We should even educate the citizens about the side effects of hydroxychloroquine medicine, without creating panic by stating that it has more benefits compared to side effects like blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, headache and diarrhoea, which may occur, but saving lives is paramount as per ICMR guidelines,” he advised. Prof Misra said it is an urgent issue and should be tackled by none other than our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and telecast and broadcast on all TV and radio channels without further delay.